Inland Revenue Division Covid-19 Measures

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In order to fulfill the provisions of the Public Health Regulations and to mitigate the risks associated with Global COVID 19 Pandemic, key services offered by the Inland Revenue Division can be accessed as follows:

  1. Application for BIR number(s) or Account Number(s)

    • Taxpayers are encouraged to utilize IRD’s online services platform to apply for BIR number(s) or Account Number(s) at
      Click here to register for a BIR Number
    • Please note that in-person applications may take a longer time to process
  2. Filing of Tax Returns

    • Options available for the filing of Tax Returns include:
      • e-Tax Logged in Service
      • E-Tax Non-Logged In Service:
        • Details on the e-Tax non-logged in service can be found at
        • All signed Return Declarations Forms being submitted are to be lodged at any IRD office for processing to take place.
        • When making payments, taxpayers must generate the Payment Description Slip to ensure that their payments are accurately directed to the relevant tax accounts
      • Taxpayers who require information to file returns using the non-logged in service may email the following details to
        • Name
        • BIR File number
        • Date of birth
        • Valid contact number
        • Address
        • Attach a copy of your National ID, Driver’s Permit or Passport

    Contact will be made to verify the information provided.  Once verified, the information will be forwarded for completion of the tax return.

    • Only Returns which are not accessible on e-Tax can be downloaded from IRD’s website
  3. Payment of Taxes

    • Taxpayers must generate the Payment Description Slip after the return has been completed online. Please note that Declaration Forms are not be used for making payments
    • Payments with cash or Linx can be made at the Cashiering Units of the Regional Offices
    • Payments to the District Revenue Offices are to be made with cash and cheques only
    • During the period of the Pandemic, ALL Cheque payments are to be made via the Drop Boxes available at our offices (the information identified above are required in order to process your payment(s))

    If you are not in possession of a Payment Description Slip please attach the following when making payments:

    • BIR number
    • Account number
    • Payment type eg. PAYE, Health Surcharge, Business Levy etc.
    • Payment period eg, March 2017, July 2018, 1st Quarter 2019
    • Amounts to be paid for each period

    This would ensure that payments are accurately reflected on your tax accounts

  4. e-Tax Enquiries

    • All e-Tax enquiries are to be made through our Call Centre at 800-TAXX (8299) and choosing Option 1.
    • Taxpayers may also send queries to
  5. VAT Status letters

    • Insurance companies are encouraged to utilize the “check VAT Status” option e-Tax to immediately get a notification on the taxpayer’s VAT status
    • In person requests for VAT status letters may take a longer time to process
  6. Refunds

    • Status of Refunds
      • A taxpayer may use the “Check Refund Status” option on
      • Queries on refunds must be emailed to and the following information must be provided:
        • BIR Number
        • Tax type
        • Period of Refund
        • Expected refund amount
        • Contact number
      • Application for VAT Bonds
  7. Taxpayer Education Sessions

    • Requests for taxpayer education sessions must be emailed to