e-Tax - External Access

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Access may be granted to someone who is not part of your organisation to be an Administrator or an Account Manager. This person is refered to as an Authorsied Agent.

Managing Authorised Agents is done by an Administrator or Account Manager – within your organisation – on e-Tax.

Access is limited to that which the person who is managing Authorised Agents has i.e. An Account Manager cannot grant an Authorised Agent more access than they currently have.

In order for an organisation to be able to grant External Access to an Authorised Agent, both parties must have previously enroled and accessed the e-Tax service. Then follow the steps as outlined in the guide How Do I Add An Authorised Agent?.

A request is then sent from your organisation to the Authorised Agent, which must then be accepted by the Authorised Agent. For more information, please see the Authorised Agent Response to Request Guide.