PAYE Annual Return - Non-Logged In Guide

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Taxpayers without an e-Tax account can now submit their PAYE Annual return using Inland Revenue’s Non Logged In Service.

This service can be used to submit PAYE Annual returns for Filing Year 2019 to present. The option to submit an annual return can only be utilized when the filing month of December is selected for the filing year.

In order to submit a return, the taxpayer must have their

  1. BIR Number
  2. Account Number
  3. BIR Letter ID (this number can be found on any ‘Official Receipt’ or ‘Advice of BIR and Accounts Numbers’ letter)


The Declaration Form received after submitting the return request replaces the return submitted by taxpayers. The return will ONLY be considered received when the taxpayer drops off the signed Declaration Form.

To obtain the Declaration Form, the user must click on the ‘Print Request Summary’ button after they have submitted their return request.



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