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  • Tax Amnesty 2021 - FAQs

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    About Tax Amnesty 2021 (6)

    What is Tax Amnesty 2021?

    Tax Amnesty 2021 is an opportunity for taxpayers to pay the back taxes they owe the Board of Inland Revenue without being burdened … more

  • Lottery Winnings FAQs

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    Q: Are lottery prizes subject to taxation?

    A: Effective August 13th 2018, lottery winnings are subject to taxation.

    Q: What is the rate of tax?

    A: Ten percent (10%).

    Q: What … more

  • Stamp Duty FAQs

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    Q: What is the effective date for the exemption from stamp duty for First Time Homeowners?

    A: The effective date for the exemption from Stamp Duty for First Time Homeowners is 01.01.2019; … more