Inland Revenue Division Introduces New Service For Employers To Prepare And File PAYE Annual Returns & TD4 Supplementary Forms Online

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The Inland Revenue Division (IRD), is pleased to introduce a new service that allows Employers to file their PAYE Annual Return, TD4 Supplementary Forms (TD4 Certificates) and IT 76 Forms, online via its e-Tax platform

With this new service, employers will no longer be required to submit signed and stamped printed copies of the TD4 Supplementary Forms. Employers will be able to generate TD4 Supplementary Forms for their employees using the approved TD4 templates.

For more information on the requirements to submit TD4 Supplementary Forms, employers are kindly asked to visit the Inland Revenue Division’s website at

Employers must submit the Annual PAYE Form on using either:

  1. logged in or
  2. non-logged in option

Non Logged-In users are required to print, sign and submit the declaration to any IRD office.

Please note that hard copy PAYE Annual Forms and TD4 Supplementary Forms will no longer be accepted by IRD from employers for the years 2018 and onwards.

Employers are reminded that all employees must receive two (2) copies of the stamped and signed TD4 Supplementary Forms and all employees must have a BIR number.

The due date for submission of PAYE Annual Returns, TD4 Supplementary Forms and IT 76 Forms for 2020 has been extended to March 31st, 2021.


Did You Know? It is the employer's responsibility to distribute two copies to each employee of their TD4 certificate