Government agency dress-code

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All Visitors/ Users of Inland Revenue Division’s Services are reminded that a Government agency dress-code is in full effect.

Unacceptable Clothing that may hinder access to the IRD Offices includes:

  • Sweatshirts with letters, logos or slogans;
  • Tee shirts/ jerseys (except tee-shirts / jerseys with the Inland Revenue Division logo)
  • Halter, midriff-baring, tank, spaghetti –strap or tube tops;
  • Backless or bare midriff tops;
  • Low-cut necklines (where cleavage is showing);
  • Skirts and dresses more than 2 inches above the knee when the wearer is standing;
  • See through or fish net woven type clothing;
  • Shorts (children ages 12 and under are allowed to wear short pants);
  • Spandex/Lycra, tight knit or excessively tight fitting clothing;
  • Sweat pant, tights, formfitting or torn jeans and pants;
  • Caps/ hats
  • Pants or skirts that expose the rear or hind part of the body;
  • Clothing that displays inappropriate or obscene messages or pictures that may be offensive to others or contain signs or symbols of gangs or groups that are a threat to security;
  • No bare feet, flip flops, slippers or shower type shoes.