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Q:. What is the ‘View Account Status’ service?

A: This is a new non logged in service offered by the Inland Revenue Division. You will be able to view the outstanding tax balance on your account and any outstanding returns online by clicking the link and providing the requested information.

. Do I need to register to use this service?

A: You will not be required to register to use the system.

Who can use this service?

A: This service is available to all taxpayers.

What information is available in this service?

A: You will be able to view
a) Outstanding Tax balance on the account. This amount excludes any penalty and interest accrued on the account
b) Outstanding returns on the account

What information is required to use the Non-Logged in service?

  • A: The information required to use the Non-Logged in service include:
    a) BIR Number
    b) Account ID/Number
    c) A valid Letter ID, from any of the following letters
    • A valid Receipt, paid within the last year
    • A valid Advice of BIR, generated within the last six(6) years
    • A valid Notice of Assessment, generated within the last three(3) years

What do I do if my BIR Number is less than ten (10) digits?

A: You will be required to insert leading zeros (0) to make up the ten (10) digit requirement. E.g. if your BIR number is 1234567 then you need to pad the number with three (3) leading zeros (0) as follows: 0001234567

What Letter can I use?

  • A: One of the following letters can be used:
    • A valid Receipt, paid within the last year
    • A valid Advice of BIR, generated within the last six(6) years
    • A valid Notice of Assessment, generated within the last three(3) years

How can I get a Letter ID if I don’t have one?

A: You can contact our Call Center where an agent will assist you or you can visit any one of the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) offices to make any known outstanding payment, where a receipt will be given.

Where can I find my Letter ID?

A: Your Letter ID is located at the top right hand corner of your letter. The Letter ID begins with an ‘L’ followed by 10 digits.

How can I view the requested information?

A: The Email Address and the Confirmation Code must be used to retrieve the details via the ‘Search for a Request’ link on the Home Page. The information requested can then be viewed once it has been retrieved.

How long will the requested information be available?

A: This information can be retrieved and view up to 31 days after the request was made. If you require this information after this period, a new request will have to be submitted.

Can I request information on more than one account at the same time?

A: No. A new request must be submitted for each account.

What accounts can I request information on?

A: A request can be made for the account types listed below:
Account Type
Corporation Tax
Financial Services Tax
Green Fund Levy
Green Fund Levy Tax Petrol
Health Surcharge
Hotel Accommodation Tax
Individual Income Tax
Insurance Premium Tax
Lottery winnings Tax
Pay As You Earn
Petroleum Profits Tax
Supplemental Petroleum Tax
Unemployment Levy
Value Added Tax
Withholding Tax

Can I request information a Ceased Account?

A: Yes. If business was conducted prior to ceasing the account, returns must be filed (if there is a return expectation) and outstanding balances must be paid.

Can I use this service if I already have a ttConnect ID and e-Tax account?

A: Yes. This service is available to all Taxpayers. However, it is more beneficial for the Taxpayer to use their Logged in service to view their account balance and outstanding returns.

As an Emolument Income earner will I be able to view a list of my outstanding returns?

A: As an Emolument Income earner, by law, you are not required to file. Therefore, there is no return expectation on your account and you will not have any outstanding returns.

How many attempts do I have before I am locked out of the system?

A: After three (3) attempts you will be locked out of the system for one hour(sixty minutes (60)). After this period you will be allowed to re-enter the information.

How can I retrieve a lost Confirmation Code?

A: You can contact our Call Center at 800-TAXX for assistance.