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Welcome to e-Tax

Do you want Faster Refunds, Faster Processing - all while saving the planet?


Faster Refunds
Electronic filing is faster to process, which means a faster refund. e-Tax has features which would allow you to view tax balance, check refunds status and perform a wide variety of tasks, so you will know quicker as well.

Paperless Filing
Paperless filing is environmentally friendly, saves trees, and protects our environment. In addition, documents are often easier to find in an electronic system.

Easier Process
e-Tax is the online portal provided by the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) for taxpayers to manage their tax accounts online. By accessing e-Tax at in any standard web browser,taxpayers can register to view their accounts, file returns, and correspond with IRD. e-Tax is safe, easy, and convenient.

Personal Access to e-Tax

In order to gain full access to the tax accounts associated with your personal BIR number, you will need a ttconnect ID that is registered for e-Tax.

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