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  • e-Tax

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    e-Tax is the online portal provided by the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) for taxpayers to manage their tax accounts online. By accessing e-Tax at in any … more

  • Tax Clearance Certificate

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    A Tax Clearance Certificate is required by persons for the purpose of


    Seeking Citizenship

    Seeking Residency

    Extension of a Work Permit

    What is needed?

    Completed … more

  • Tax Amnesty 2021

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    Act No. 10 of 2021, provides for a Tax Amnesty for the period 5th July 2021 to 17th September, 2021. This facility allows for the waiver of penalties and interest charges payable by taxpayers on … more

  • Withholding Tax

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    Individuals and companies are required to register with the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) and obtain a Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) file number before taking up employment or starting operations in … more

  • e-Tax - Access Levels

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    After adding an Account Manager or Associate, their Access Level may be further adjusted to restrict what functions they are able to perform. The levels are as follows: 

    Access level … more

  • e-Tax - External Access

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    Access may be granted to someone who is not part of your organisation to be an Administrator or an Account Manager. This person is refered to as an Authorsied Agent.

    Managing Authorised Agents … more

  • e-Tax - Access Types

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    There are three primary access types in e-Tax


    Account Manager




    An Administrator is an employee of their company who is entrusted with the … more

  • e-Tax Guides

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    Guide to Managing Access in e-Tax

    How Do I Register An Administrator?

    Using Manage Access

    How Do I Add An Account Manager?

    How Do I Add An Associate?

    How Do I Add An Authorised Agent? … more

  • Tax Amnesty 2021 - FAQs

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    About Tax Amnesty 2021 (6)

    What is Tax Amnesty 2021?

    Tax Amnesty 2021 is an opportunity for taxpayers to pay the back taxes they owe the Board of Inland Revenue without being burdened … more

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

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    Value Added Tax, or VAT, is applied to both goods and services in Trinidad and Tobago and is included in the final price of the product. VAT is charged at a rate of 12.5%. VAT-registered … more