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Value Added Tax is due and payable within 25 days after the end of the tax period to which it relates.
e.g. Tax Period 1/1/03 – 28/02/03 ---- Tax Due 25/3/03.


Inland Revenue Division 
1st Floor
Trinidad House
St Vincent Street 
Port of Spain
VAT Administration
Top Floor
East Regional Office
Prince Street
Tobago Regional Office
Sangster Hill, Scarborough 
South Regional Office
TECU Building 

Application Forms
- VAT Return

Upon making VAT payments registered persons must approach the cashier with the VAT return showing amount to be paid.
Persons making payments should :

- if remittance Form is completed, proceed to cashier
- if Remittance form is not completed, proceed to the counter clerk then to the cashier.
- Our new cash receipting system guarantees faster processing



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