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Public Officers who are in scheduled travelling posts apply for VAT exemptions when purchasing motor vehicles.

Ground Floor
VAT Administration Centre
St Vincent Street
Port of Spain

Application Form (MVT/VAT Form P24)

‘link to application form’


- Application Form (Section A,B) to be duly completed and signed by Applicant
- Application Form to be certified and signed by Head of Division and the Permanent Secretary, and stamped clearly
- Pro-Forma Invoice from car dealer. Amount of cc of vehicle must be shown)
- Certificate of correctness to be completed after personal inspection of Vehicle by Applicant
- Twenty-five cents stamp (one)
- A certified copy of letter of appointment
- A certified authority showing the travelling post as scheduled under the Travelling Allowance Regulation
- Application Form must be checked at the Ground Floor, VAT Administration Centre before proceeding to Miscellaneous Taxes re: Motor Vehicle Tax
- If a ‘roll on roll off’ vehicle is being purchased from a registered dealer, the purchaser must submit the original and a copy of:
(a) Warranty; and 
(b) Bill of Sale.




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