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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I drop off my completed Tax Return ?

Completed Tax Returns can be deposited at any of the Inland Revenue Division Regional Offices:

- #6 Prince Street, Arima
- #52 Cipero Street, San Fernando

- Sangster Hill, Scarborough, Tobago

or at

The Head Office
Trinidad House,

St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain;



Taxpayer Services
Victoria Courts, Queen Street
Port of Spain


What are the IRD Cashiers’ business hours ?

‘The Cashiers’ Unit opens from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. daily. 


Must employees continue to file an Income Tax Return?


Effective Income Year 2001, the obligation to file an Income Tax Return was removed from the individual in receipt of Emolument Income ONLY.

Are there instances when individuals should file a return?

A Self–employed individual must file an Income Tax Return every year in which he has business activity, whether or not he generates a profit or loss. 

Is Pension treated as emolument income ?

Yes, an individual in receipt of Pension is considered an emolument earner. 


Now that the obligation to file a return has been removed from those in receipt of emolument income only, would the penalty for late filing still be applied if an individual chooses to file or was called upon to file by the BIR?

Because the obligation to file has been removed from the Emolument Earner only, late filing penalties will not be imposed on those returns (2003 to 2007) when they are submitted outside of the stated time.


Who must file an Income Tax Return?


The following persons are required to submit tax returns :

  • Companies and Unincorporated Associations whether or not their profits are exempt from Tax.
  • Partnerships, Trusts, Joint Ventures.
  • Individuals in receipt of income from trade, business or practice of any profession or vocation from any source other than emoluments.

What is the significance of the date, April 30th ?

April 30th is the date that all tax returns are statutorily due. Additionally taxpayers have until April 30th in the year following the year of income to pay any balance of Tax for that year without incurring interest. Payments made after this date would be subject to interest at the rate of 20% from May 1st to the date of payment .


Is there a penalty for late filing of a Tax Return?

For an individual who is required to file a Tax Return, that outstanding return incurs a penalty of $100, for every six months it remains outstanding after the date it become due.  i.e. The due date for a Individual Tax Return is April 30th , the first penalty of $100 becomes due and payable at Nov 1st and increases by $100 after the passage of every six months. With respect to Corporation Tax Returns the penalty due and payable would be $1,000 for every six months, the return remains outstanding after the due date.   


What are your opening hours?

Our offices open to the public - Mon. – Thur.  from 7.45 a.m to 4.00 p.m.
Friday  8.00 a.m to 4.00p.m. 


Do you accept Credit Card Payments?

At this time we only accept cash, cheques & LINX payments.


Must I come to Port of Spain to make payments?

Payments can be made at any of the following offices -
Port of Spain, Arima, San Fernando and Tobago Regional Offices as well at any of the District Revenue Offices in Trinidad and Tobago with the exception of the Port of Spain and San Fernando District Offices.



Where can I drop off my completed Income Tax Returns ?

Tax Returns can be dropped off at Inland Revenue Division, T’dad House, St Vincent Street or Edward Street entrances. In addition forms may be dropped of at Taxpayer Services, Queen Street, Port of Spain. Returns can also deposited at all Inland Revenue Regional Offices. (Arima, San Fernando and Tobago). 


Must I obtain a BIR File number even if I am not Taxable?

Yes, an individual is required to obtain a BIR File number upon accepting employment.



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