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A new cash receipting system has been introduced at all Regional Offices.


The Cashiers' Unit                       East Regional Office

Inland Revenue Division                Inland Revenue Division
First Floor                                  6 Prince Street

Trinidad House                            Arima

Port of Spain


South Regional Office                   Tobago Regional Office

Inland Revenue Division                Inland Revenue Division

#52 Cipero Street                        Sangster's Hill

San Fernando                              Scarborough

(Opp. Westwood Street)                Tobago



                                                                        PAYMENT DESCRIPTION SLIP

                                                            MINISTRY OF FINANCE, INLAND REVENUE DIVISION
                                                                          TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
                                                                                                                                                                Date:    ...../....../........


 Tax Type 

 B.I.R./ P.A.Y.E./

 V.A.T        NO.




 Principal  Penalty   Interest

Cash: $________                Cheque: $_________                            Linx: $_________                              Other: $ __________

                                       TOTAL: $________________                                                               Signature of Payer: _________________


  • Persons are required to complete a 'Payment Description Slip'.
  • This form is presented to the cashier together with cash/cheque.
  • A receipt is generated reflecting the payment made, file number, name and address of the person for whom the payment was made.

Persons can collect these Payment Description Slips prior to making the payment at the address listed above.

Those persons in receipt of the computer generated receipts may present these directly to the cashier for payment.

A help desk is provided for persons requiring help in completing the Payment Description Slip.



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