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Tax Return Forms

Income Tax Return For Individuals
(FORM 400 ITR)

 2009 (Emolument Income Earner only 536KB)

 2009 (Non-Emolument Income Earner 828KB)

 2010 (Emolument Income Earner 2.36MB)

 2010 (Non-Emolument Income Earner 2.48MB)

 2011 (Emolument Income Earner 378KB)

 2011 (Non-Emolument Income Earner 762KB)

 2012 (Non-Emolument Income Earner 1137KB)

 2012 (Emolument Income Earner [440 EMO] 974KB)

 2013 (Non- Emolument Income Earner 2.15MB)

 2013 (Emolument Income Earner [440 EMO] 150KB)

 2014 (Non- Emolument Income Earner 223KB)

 2014 (Emolument Income Earner [440 EMO] 153KB)


(FORM 400 ITR and FORM 440 EMO Instructions)

 2009 (669KB)

 2010 (274KB)

 2011 (437KB)

 2012 (172KB)

 2013 (336KB)

 2014 (154KB)


Corporation Tax Return
(FORM 500 CTR)

 2009 (483KB)

 2010 (2.41MB)

 2011 (732KB)

 2012 (812KB)

 2013 (129KB)

 2014 (158KB)


(FORM 500 CTR Instructions)

 2009 (639KB)

 2010 (127KB)

 2011 (259KB)

 2012 (657KB)

 2014 (325KB)


Tax Return For Insurance Companies Only
(FORM 600 INS)

 2009 (1053KB)

 2010 (87KB)

 2011 (96.2KB)

 2012 (99KB)

 2013 (96KB)

 2014 (3702KB)


(FORM 600 INS Instructions)

 2009 (591KB)

 2010 (304KB)

 2011 (159KB)

 2014 (138KB)



Tax Declaration Form


Income Tax Return For Partnerships,
Joint Ventures, Trusts and Estates of
Deceased Persons
(FORM 700 PAR)

 2009 (112KB)

 2010 (2.38MB)

 2011 (699KB)

 2012 (872KB)

 2013 (216KB)

 2014 (131KB)


(FORM 700 PAR Instructions)

 2009 (634KB)

 2010 (111KB)

 2011 (259KB)

 2012 (61KB)

 2014 (357KB)


Petroleum Profits Tax Return
(FORM 200 PPT)

 2007 (296KB)

 2008 (344KB)

 2009 (344KB)

 2010 (805KB)

 2011 (804KB)

 2012 (829KB)


Supplemental Petroleum Tax Return
(FORM 200 SPT)

 2007 (93KB)

 2008 (235KB)

 2009 (274KB)

 2010 (281KB)

 2011 (1148KB)

 2012 (1183KB)

 2013 (1433KB)

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