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District Revenue Offices

Late Registration of Birth may take place three month after birth.



• Application Form from the District Revenue Office in the area where the child was born.

• Immunization Card

• Marriage Certificate of parents if married

• Birth Certificates of all children born before or after (if applicable)

• Identification card of mother or father

• Letter from School stating date of birth (where applicable)

• Baptismal Certificate (if any)

• Affidavit from mother or father stating the reason for non-registration of birth

• Affidavit from person present at birth eg. Grand mother, neighbour

  (where birth took place at home)

•Affidavit from prominent person in the area where the child was born, eg Doctor, Lawyer

  (where birth took place at home)



- Name and Surname of Father

- Address of Father

- Name, Surname and Maiden name of mother

- Address of Mother

- Father's Occupation











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