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The Board of Inland Revenue File Number (BIR#) is used when making payment of taxes and filing tax returns. It must be quoted on all correspondence to the Board in respect of the taxpayer (individual or company). The same BIR number is used throughout the life of the individual or company.


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The following must be submitted when applying for a Board of Inland Revenue File Number:-


Individual (Employees)

  • Completed FORM IA, Section A - For Individual Applicants
  • Some form of T&T Identification e.g. Identification Card / Passport / Driving Permit - Original and a copy must be provided
  • Letter from employer indicating the effective date of employment and salary or TD4s for prior years (not older than 2 years); OR Copy of Contract
  • Outstanding Returns - (if applicable) 

     * Please refer to Note 1


Self Employed Individuals / Sole-traders

     * Please refer to Note 1



     * Please refer to Notes 1,2 and 3



     * Please refer to Notes 1,2 and 4



(1)   Anyone, other than the applicant (Individual and Self Employed); directors of the company applying for the company's numbers must provide a letter of authorization, together with proper identification.


(2)   If the partnership/company is applying for a BIR Number and they were registered more than a year, a letter must be presented stating what the company was doing from the date of registration to present date and why they are now applying for a BIR Number.


(3)   The Partnership BIR Number is used for Filing the Partnership's Tax Return and payment of Green Fund Levy on behalf of the Partnership. Partners are still obligated to file their Individual Income Tax Returns and pay their Quarterly taxes.


(4)   If a company is Registered as an EXTERNAL Company a power of attorney must be provided.






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