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Inland Revenue is a Division of the Ministry of Finance and is administered by a Board consisting of five Commissioners, one of whom is appointed “Chairman”. The Board of Inland Revenue develops broad policies and programmes for the administration of the tax laws and directs, guides, co-ordinates, controls and evaluates the activities of the Inland Revenue Division. The principal components of the Division are:

  • Administration and Computer operations under the control and management of the Commissioner – Administration
  • Audit under the Commissioner – Audit
  • Collections, Accounting Control and Returns Processing under the Commissioner – Collections
  • Value Added Taxes under the Commissioner – Value Added Tax Administration
  • The Reform of Inland Revenue which falls under the Commissioner – Reform

  Inland Revenue Division Organisation Chart 2013


Commissioner of Administration

This Commissioner is also the Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue and presides over all Board Meetings. In addition to the duties as Chairman the responsibilities of being a Commissioner of Inland Revenue must be borne equally in the administering the various sections and departments of the Division which fall under this chain of command. The Commissioner plans, organizes, co-ordinates and renders overall supervision of all activities relating to the administration of the tax laws falling within the purview of the Board. As the Administrative Head of the Inland Revenue Division, this commissioner also advises Government on all aspects of taxation and tax administration and is consulted on tax policy. In addition representation of the country at all International Tax Conferences is the responsibility of this Commissioner


Commissioner of Audit

The Commissioner of Audit is responsible for accomplishing the audit mission, by developing and supervising a programme for the examination of returns with respect to income tax, corporation tax, petroleum taxes and estate duty. In addition, he has the responsibility for the sections of Classification and Audit Services.


Commissioner of Collections

The Commissioner of collections is responsible for accomplishing the collections mission with reference to the filing and payment requirements under the Income Tax Laws and Regulations, by developing and supervising programmes for taxpayer assistance, collection of unpaid accounts and obtaining delinquent returns. This Commissioner is also responsible for the administration and collection of Lands and Buildings Taxes by the District Revenue Services.


Commissioner of Reform

The Inland Revenue Division is currently being reformed by a team led by a Commissioner whose sole responsibility is to effectively manage the transformation of the Inland Revenue Division.


Commissioner Value Added Taxes

This Commissioner is responsible to the Board of Inland Revenue for the Administration of the Value Added Tax and is assisted by two Assistant Commissioners, who are in turn, each responsible for the Compliance Operations of the VAT Administration. The Policy, Information Systems and Legal Sections are under the direct supervision of this Commissioner. This includes the function of carrying out economic research and developing policies as and when required.




Authority for effecting decisions and for the day-to-day functions of the different sections of Inland Revenue Division, passes from the Commissioners of Inland Revenue to the Assistant Commissioners and then to the Supervisors, who in turn give instructions to their staff.



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